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Select book chapters

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Blogs/Opinion pieces

Andrew Fenton. “COVID-19 measures in animal labs: Bad news for rodents.” Impact Ethics. April 27th, 2020 (
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Scholar advocacy

Gary L. Comstock, Sue Donaldson, Andrew Fenton, Tyler M. John, L. Syd M Johnson, Robert C. Jones, Will Kymlicka, Letitia M. Meynell, Nathan Nobis, David M. Peña-Guzmán, James Rocha, Bernard E. Rollin, Jeff Sebo, and Adam Shriver. ‘The Philosophers’ Brief in Support of Happy’s Appeal’ (unofficial name). Filed in the Court of Appeals of the State of New York in September, 2021 (
Gary Comstock, G.K.D. Crozier, Andrew Fenton, Tyler M. John, L. Syd M Johnson, Robert Jones, Letitia Meynell, Nathan Nobis, David Peña-Guzmán, James Rocha, Bernard Rollin, and Jeff Sebo. ‘Happy’s personhood: The Philosophers’ brief’ (unofficial name). Filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Appellate Division (First Department), in July, 2020 ( [starting at p.243 of the pdf]).
Kristin Andrews, Gary Comstock, G.K.D. Crozier, Andrew Fenton, L. Syd M Johnson, Robert Jones, Letitia Meynell, Nathan Nobis, David Peña-Guzmán, James Rocha, Bernard Rollin, and Adam Shriver. ‘Elephant personhood: The Philosophers’ brief’ (unofficial name). Filed in Appellate Court, State of Connecticut, in November, 2018 ( 
Kristin Andrews, Gary Comstock, G.K.D. Crozier, Sue Donaldson, Andrew Fenton, Tyler M. John, L. Syd M Johnson, Robert Jones, Will Kymlicka, Letitia Meynell, Nathan Nobis, David Peña-Guzmán, James Rocha, Bernard Rollin, Jeffrey Sebo, Adam Shriver, and Rebecca L. Walker. ‘Chimpanzee personhood: The Philosophers’ brief.’ Filed in the Court of Appeals, State of New York, in February, 2018 (